Founded in 1983, Nonsense Humor Magazine is based in Long Island, New York at Hofstra University. Nonsense is Hofstra's only intentional humor magazine, and we like to tell people that we're the second longest running college humor magazine in the country, but I'm pretty sure that's a load of horseshit.

Editors in Chief · Ashley Vernola and Ariel Leal

Head Writer · James Sweeney

Assistant Head Writer · Jordan Hopkins

Treasurer · Peter Soucy

Design Director · Gillian Pitzer

Art Director · Victoria Jenkins

Social Media Manager · Jesse Saunders

Assistant Social Media Manager · Anna Galperin

Video Heads · Veronica Toone and Ben Fletcher

Web Team · Rosario Navalta, Beth Foster, and James Factora

Copy Chief · Daniel Nguyen

Moral Support · Nathan Elliott

Faculty Advisor · Amy Karofsky