Another HU Worldchanger! This Hofstra Grad Just Leveraged Their Psych Degree to Work at the On-Campus Starbucks

Psych major, Aaron DeLune came to Hofstra so he could make a difference. He pursued a career in therapy to better his community. Now on the other side of his education, he found a job helping those in need and providing a critical service for his alma mater, as a barista at the new on-campus Starbucks!

Hofstra has always been an important part of DeLune’s life. He was involved in clubs, campus communities, and even worked as an RA for two years. DeLune gave his all to Hofstra. His time, his money, his sleep, and even his blood (Herman Berliner likes how it smells).

“I was hoping to be a therapist someday,” DeLune told us ten hours into his shift, “but I can’t get into any decent grad schools and I’m drowning in debt. I’m grateful for the job for sure, but I just really thought I’d be [able to give more back to the school] instead of [spending] my [school spirit] working a job that I absolutely [love].”

As a “Paid” Hofstra Employee™, DeLune gets paid exactly enough to chip away at that debt while also affording to stay in a double in Alliance hall. If you see him, make sure you stop to say hello, and thank him for being a #HUWorldchanger! Just try not to get jealous of his short commute!

Here at Hofstra University, alumni like Aaron have many opportunities for upward mobility and career growth. For every three coworkers he reports for using the word “union,” DeLune will get a firm handshake from Stuart Rabinowitz, and as every business major knows, handshakes are half the curriculum! Just remember the Hofstra University Motto: When you do what’s best for Hofstra, she will remember. And she will reward. 

Make sure you say hi to this #HUWorldChanger when you go to our new Starbucks! But if DeLune chats for too long, he’ll get the cattle prod. Feel free to tip to make up for his physical agony. Your donation is instrumental in building a second business school right next to the current one! That money certainly can’t go to the employees!