A Poem About A Clown


By James Sweeney

An excerpt from "Nonsense 4 Kidz"

There are a few phrases You'll hear all your life If you are so inclined to spread laughter and light

From families of fortune and families of plight: “Why the hell's my son crying?” Get your hands off my wife!

I'm a clown!” you might shout, “It's my job to have fun! No need to get hostile, but I too have a gun.

And on the Clown's neck a tattoo, freshly drawn: “The 2nd Amendment Keeps the Clown Army Strong

With a honker like his, and those shoes, flat and long? A half-balding scalp and a half-scalped schlong? Why, it's clearly no wonder His smile's painted on

Yet for all the Clown's trials, his oppression unseen The heart of the Clown is a curious thing

For it aches still for love and the tenderness earned from a boy whose just witnessed his whole family burn

Now the Clown's got a camera and he's sifting through weapons For a fun little movie he's planned on directing Of a man with a gun, who teaches a lesson

Filming's begun and its time for a close-up The boy's found his spotlight while holding back throw-up “Now repeat after me so they never forget it...

I'm Ted Cruz and I approve this message!